New GCSE Speaking Booklets

As promised, here is what we have put together for our year 10s in preparation for their speaking examinations in year 11.

There are F + H French and H Spanish (we don’t currently have Foundation Spanish GCSE Students, but this is something we shall make over the coming year).

To be honest it might still be a work in progress; the feasability of students being able to memorise answers to quite a few questions might not work out, and we will certainly review this after their mock examination in December.

Also, the “spontaneity” aspect worries me a little. However, it’s worth keeping in perspective that it’s “only” worth 5 of the marks overall.

There are photo cards and role plays from each of the 3 themes.

Please feel free to use, adapt, share! It might hopefully save someone some time and work!

GCSE Spanish Speaking Booklet H.docx

Foundation Speaking Booklet FRENCH

Higher Speaking Booklet FRENCH

Also- we photocopied them in A5 which looked nice 🙂



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