Improving Writing

I don’t know why, but writing has always worried me the most, as an MFL teacher and still, as HOF. It must be the years of severe marking from the AQA Unit 4 and many meetings spent as a faculty, scratching our heads, debating if we even knew ourselves, the difference between a B and an A* because the marking made us feel like we couldn’t……

Anyways, we move on and we go again. So, I insist that my students practise writing. A lot. They ask me “How do we improve our Writing?” and my response always is; “Just WRITE! Loads, and often!”

I set my year 11s a task in class the other day, we do the AQA Certificate (iGCSE) now and so are kinda navigating our way through it as teachers as well. I set them a Foundation Q2/Higher Q1 writing choice to do with School. They wrote and then I showed them the mark scheme. We talked through it. They self-marked what they would give themselves for Content and for Range + Accuracy. By and large, they were quite harsh on themselves and were stricter with the marks than I was. I then marked it and gave what I thought it’d be. Then I set them a www/ebi based on it. The ebi is to use the “Golden Rules” template attached. It goes without saying that the F and H students all know they HAVE to include a range of opinions and always look to exploit AT LEAST past/present/future in every answer, so I’ve not included that on the Golden Rules.

The 12 Golden Rules for S and W

I cannot claim full credit for this- it is thanks to an amazing person on the Secondary MFL Matters Facebook page, which I highly recommend MFL teachers join.

Anyone else with tips on improving Writing- please get in touch!


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